JULY 6-8, 2021
Pazo de Soutomaior
VIGO (Spain)









Prize to the best papers

Begun in 2008, this prize is award annually to recognize the best papers presented in the workshop. The scientific committee rates the papers based on the scientific excellence of the contribution and on the quality and the clarity of the presentation.



2012 Edition

Timo Boppart (Universtiy of Zurich): “Structural change and the Kaldor facts in a growth model with relative price effects and non-Gorman preferences.”

Paula Gobbi (Université Catholique de Louvain): “DINKS, DEWKS & Co. Marriage, Fertility and Childlessness in the United States.”

Joseph Steinberg (University of Minnesota): “Financial Markets, Misallocation and Total Factor Productivity: The Role of Informational Efficiency.”

2011 Edition

Wyatt Brooks (University of Minnesota): “Trade liberalization with endogenous borrowing constraints.”

Susanne Forstner (European University Institute): “On-the-job search, mobility costs, and wage inequality.”

Pau Pujolàs (Universitat. Autònoma de Barcelona) “Policy distortions and aggregate productivity with idiosyncratic plant level uncertainty.”

2010 Edition

Javier Bianchi (University of Maryland): “Overborrowing and Systematic Externalities in the Business Cycle”.

Guido Ruta (New York University and European University Institute): “Securitization: Positive and Normative Implications”.

Charles Gottlieb (European University Institute): “On the Redistributive Effects of Inflation”.

2009 Edition

Arturo Ormeño (Universitat Pompeu Fabra): “Disciplining Expectations: Adding Survey Expectations in Learning Models”.

Kevin Wiseman (University of Minnesota): “Entry Costs and Firm Markups in a Location Model”.

Jonathan Goyette (University of British Columbia): “Corruption and the Size Distribution of Firms”.

2008 Edition

Teodora Borota (European University Institute): “Innovation and Imitation in a Model of North-South Trade”.

Francesco Caprioli (Universitat Pompeu Fabra): “Tax Smoothing, Learning, and Debt Volatility”.

Georg Duernecker (European University Institute): “Technology Adoption, Turbulence, and the Dynamics of Unemployment”.